Apr 02, 2020

#1. On your iDevice or Mac, go to Settings and select Forget This Network. #2. On your Apple TV, also select Forget Wi-Fi Network. #3. Turn on Bluetooth on your iDevice or Mac and Apply TV. There is no need to pair via Bluetooth. #4. Turn on Wi-Fi even if your iDevice, Mac or Apple TV are not connected to your home network. Make sure that your Mac or iDevice are not on the same Wi-Fi network Apple TV 3. No remote = no WiFi? : appletv Apple TV 3. No remote = no WiFi? Hi everyone, My dad likes to buy stuff at the flea markets and even if he doesn't know much about tech, he bought an Apple TV 3 (he liked the design of that little box). Turns out there's no remote, and I'm confused how to connect the thing to a WiFi network. I connected it with an ethernet cable but I can't How To Use Apple Airplay In Your RV (And Watch Netflix

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Apple TV (2nd and 3rd generation): Troubleshooting Wi-Fi Symptoms When connecting to or using a Wi-Fi network with Apple TV, you may occasionally encounter the following issues: Unable to locate a Wi-Fi network Unable to join a nearby Wi-Fi network Connected to Wi-Fi network, but unable to access content Intermittent disconnects or connectivity issues Learn basic troubleshooting tips and techniques for Wi-Fi on … How to connect an iPhone to a TV in two different ways The process is essentially identical to connecting your iPad to a TV, and in fact you can use the same adapter or Apple TV for both your phone and iPad. Connect an iPhone to a TV with an AV cable

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Apr 02, 2020 Bugs & Fixes: Fixing Apple TV lost network connections Occasionally, my 1080p Apple TV (ATV) loses interest in connecting to my local network. More specifically, if I go to the Network setting I find no IP address listed.