Save the above as a batch file and run it in the same directory as devcon and you are done. Now I mentioned earlier that you will need the correct version of devcon for your installation of Windows. If you find that the above script does not work for you (you will probably get the error: 'Remove failed.

devcon禁用无法禁用设备_windows_酷徒编程知识库 devcon.exe disable"@" 根据你的情况: devcon.exe disable"@ACPISYN1ECA4&22077A96&0" 如果这还不能正常工作,你应该使用remove命令。 几乎总是删除工作,但在重新启动系统后,设备将恢复。 devcon.exe remove"@" Microsoft Microsoft

Reduce downtime with Devcon ® coating solutions. The Devcon ® brand of maintenance and repair products effectively rebuild equipment to original specifications or prevent failures from occurring in a preventative maintenance program. These include epoxy and urethane coatings for metal repair, rubber repair, belt repair, corrosion repair and floor repair.

2012-10-31 · DevCon.exe是一种命令行实用工具,可以替代设备管理器。使用 DevCon,您可以启用、禁用、重新启动、更新、删除和查询单个设备或一组设备。DevCon 提供与开发人员有关但无法在设备管理器中看到的信息。 您可以将 DevCon 用于 Windows 2000 DevCon 命令行实用工具可替代设备管理器 … 2012-10-31 · DevCon 实用工具是一种命令行实用工具,可以替代设备管理器。使用 DevCon,您可以启用、禁用、重新启动、更新、删除和查询单个设备或一组设备。DevCon 还提供与驱动程序开发人员有关、但无法在设备管理器中看到的信息 Devcon.exe 驱动管理工具使用 - dozeoo - 博客园

What is devcon.exe? devcon.exe is an executable file that is part of the Dell Unified Wireless Suite program developed by Dell Inc..The software is usually about 35.53 MB in size.. The .exe extension of a file name displays an executable file. In some cases, executable files can damage your computer.

2010-12-15 · 这包括已经被删除的设备、从一个插槽移 到另一个插槽的设备,以及在某些情况下由于 BIOS 改变而被不同地枚举的设备。 devcon listclass usb 1394 列出命令中所列的每个类别(本例中是 USB 和 1394)的所有存在的设备。 devcon remove @usb\* 删除所有 GitHub - nmgwddj/devcon: 基于微软官方 devcon 源码修改增 … Device Console (DevCon) Tool. DevCon is a command-line tool that displays detailed information about devices, and lets you search for and manipulate devices from the command line. DevCon enables, disables, installs, configures, and removes devices on the local computer and displays detailed information about devices on local and remote computers. Devcon operation and Vendor/Device Ids — OSR