Non-Standard Port Adversaries may communicate using a protocol and port paring that are typically not associated. For example, HTTPS over port 8088 or port 587 as opposed to the traditional port 443. Adversaries may make changes to the standard port used by a protocol to bypass filtering or muddle analysis/parsing of network data.

Is there any standard alternative HTTPS port? - Stack Overflow There is no standard about that, but port 8443 is sometimes known as the http-alt, and it seems the only one being popularly used as alternative HTTPS port. It may have become popular because of mod_nss (an HTTPD module alternative to mod_ssl) using it on its default configuration. List of Well-Known TCP Port Numbers - Webopedia Reference 48 rows Apache Friends Support Forum • View topic - You configured

When you type, the standard for the https:// scheme is to connect to port 443. In your case, you have moved your server so that it now listens on port 9443. You get the connection refused message because of this - nothing is listening on port 443.

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Standard Process We offer a comprehensive line of over 190 nutritional supplements and products made using whole food ingredients and supported with scientifically based evidence. This wholistic approach ensures we deliver high-quality, nutrient-dense solutions for optimal patient outcomes. This also includes services that respond to HTTPS or HTTP requests on non-standard ports (ports other than 80 or 443), whether or not those services are included in external scans provided to agencies. Network services which do not respond to HTTPS or HTTP requests are not included in the scope of M-15-13. A cracker scans 100 hosts. Ninety-nine of these hosts have services available on these standard ports: Port Service 22 SSH 80 HTTP 443 HTTPS But then there is one host which stands out from the crowd, because they the system owner tried to obfuscate their services. Port Service 2222 SSH 10080 HTTP 10443 HTTPS Sep 30, 2019 · One of the challenging tasks for an administrator is to remember the default port number. You may remember the most common one like HTTP, FTP, SSH but if you are working on various technology stacks then its difficult to remember all of them. Here I have listed the default port numbers of various applications to help you in the real world. Standard Club is a specialist marine and energy insurer known for its diverse membership, pioneering loss prevention expertise and attractive pricing. Its positive and progressive underwriters work alongside supportive claims handlers acting as member representatives collectively delivering exceptional service on all matters.