Select an app. Select Store presence > Pricing & distribution. In the "Countries" section, select Manage countries. Update your app's country selection. If you add a country for a paid app, new prices are automatically added. If needed, you can then edit local prices. Submit your app update.

How to Change App Store Country Region on iPhone - iGeeksBlog Jun 29, 2020 How to Change Your Apple Store Country to Access More Apps When it comes to gaining access to more apps through the Apple store, the VPN acts as a barrier that prevents the app from detecting your location. You can change your country settings without having to add an address and payment method that trace back to the chosen country.

Jan 16, 2019

App Stores List (2019) - Business of Apps Sep 06, 2019 How to Download & Install Country Restricted Apps from Jul 10, 2019

Or you can create a second Apple ID for a different country, and just sign in and out of the store. open the App Store and tap Featured. and a list of countries will appear on the screen.

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