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IPv6 Prefix Delegation with NetPlan – Medo's Home Page Yep, prefix delegation that’s perfectly valid and well supported IPv6 address allocation method is not supported. But ticket did solve my problem. As advised, I simply reverted to use networkd (don’t forget to use systemctl enable systemd-networkd). PS: Here are my networkd files that work with IPv6 PD. Learn About IPv6 | Verizon Internet Support A typical IPv6 address will have eight groups of up to four letters and numbers separated by colons, instead of the four groups of three numbers separated by periods found in IPv4 addresses today. The following is an example of a valid IPv6 address: 2001:CDBA:0000:0000:0000:0000:3257:9652. IPv6 Address Lookup Tool | UltraTools

A prefix is a routed prefix if packets to that prefix need to go through a router to reach their destination. A prefix is a link prefix if it is on a segment that a local network interface is attached to. As a packet is traveling across the internet the /64 it is targeted to will be a routed prefix until you reach the last hop.

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Configuring Prefix-Based IPv6-IPv4 Translation

Solved: Do I have static IPv6 addresses? - Comcast The static IPv6 is a prefix delegation and if you have an IPv6 compliant router it can accept that prefix delegation and subsequently assign or allow you to assign static IPv6 … Interface Types and Configuration — IPv6 WAN Types Aug 05, 2019 IPv6 Delegated Prefix | AT&T Community Forums