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What are some reasonably affordable and decent routers to use these days? If you have used a 6in4 tunnel that points to a Virgin Media IP (Both residential and business) you'll likely be aware of dramatic speed difference 6in4 has over native IPv4 or even IPv6 over UDP i.e. Wireguard or OpenVPN, for a general overview this is the problem I How To Get Around Virgin Media Blocks with an Open Source Nov 18, 2017 What do the Virgin Media Hub lights mean? | The Big Tech

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I've currently got Virgin Media 350 Internet and have got to say WiFi performance is extremely poor. After doing a bit of research it seems that the home hub 3.0 isn't the best at handling network traffic and many virgin customers have put their home hub into "modem mode" and have brough a dedicated WiFi router to handle all network traffic. Mar 11, 2020 · Our first alternative way of protecting your Virgin Media router is to use the Invizbox 2 or 2 Pro in combination with your Virgin router. The Invizbox 2 is a small VPN router that you can plug into your Virgin Media router. This can protect any devices connected to it, as the Invizbox 2 does offer VPN protection. Mar 22, 2019 · But perhaps the best thing about the Virgin Media Hub 3 is the fact that you can switch it into modem-only mode and hook up a third-party router, to gain access to the latest, fastest network

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Virgin Media Broadband Review 2020 | Is it any good Virgin Media is the leader in the UK when it comes to broadband speeds.BT is working on delivering its Ultrafast fibre connections with speeds up to 314Mb – but when this will be widely available, we don’t know – at the start of 2020 it's still looking a long way off till widely available. Virgin Media: Why you should reboot your router monthly to May 08, 2020