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Jul 09, 2014 Advanced configurations | Cloud VPN | Google Cloud Jul 06, 2020 High Availability Inc. High Availability, Inc. helps ensure your organization is implementing the best of today's technology in your data center and beyond. We provide you with next-generation solutions and the engineering expertise to implement and support them. Our Latest Blog Entries. Setting up high-availability failover mode | OpenVPN

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Cisco Meraki | Failover and HA Datacenter High Availability (HA) Datacenter failover is a mission critical requirement for organizations securely tunneling branch sites to datacenters. Cisco Meraki MX Security Appliances support secure tunneling between sites using either mesh or hub-and-spoke topologies. High Availability | Barracuda Campus

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OpenVPN does not have built-in support for high availability, or HA. Generally, in HA systems, there exists a primary and failover system where, with the failure of the primary, the secondary takes over with no apparent outage to the end users, or traffic passing through the devices. Cloud VPN overview | Google Cloud Jul 17, 2020 AWS VPN - Cloud VPN - Amazon Web Services AWS Site-to-Site VPN delivers high availability by using two tunnels across multiple Availability Zones within the AWS global network. You can stream primary traffic through the first tunnel and use the second tunnel for redundancy — if one tunnel goes down, traffic continues to flow. High availability/Fail-over protection | Kerio Control High availability/fail-over protection eliminates the risk and cost of connectivity or threat-protection downtime. Without high-availability, prime device failure due to a power surge or other cause often leads network administrators to put a simple router in place to re-establish connectivity.