Jun 22, 2009 · Windows 7's n-2 provision has a time limit. The EULA will permit downgrade rights to Windows XP on PCs sold for 18 months after Windows 7's general availability date (Oct. 22, 2009) or until the first service pack (SP1) for Windows 7 ships, whichever comes first. PCs sold after that will have downgrade rights only to Vista.

Windows Virtual Desktop licensing allows you to apply a license to any Windows or Windows Server virtual machine that is registered as a session host in a host pool and receives user connections. This license does not apply to virtual machines that are running as … Windows VM | Workstation Pro | VMware Build and Test for any platform with VMware Workstation. VMware Workstation Pro is the industry standard for running multiple operating systems as virtual machines (VMs) on a single Linux or Windows PC. IT professionals, developers and businesses who build, test or demo software for any device, platform or cloud rely on Workstation Pro. virtualization - How does Windows 7 licensing work for

Core Windows Server functionality. Hybrid integration. Hyper-Converged Infrastructure. OSEs*/Hyper-V containers. 2. Unlimited. Windows Server containers. Unlimited. Unlimited. Host Guardian Service. Storage Replica. Shielded virtual Machines (VMs) Software-defined networking. Software-defined storage

Question about licence/activation on a VM - Windows 10

Nov 09, 2016 · No, you will need to license the accessing device(s) that hit the VMWare host, hosting the Windows 7 VMs. You don't license the server or the VMs themselves, just the accessing devices(s). The license in this scenario is either a Windows Software Assurance or Windows Virtual Desktop Access license - either per device or per user are the options.

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