Dropbox maintains that the company hasn’t observed any malicious activity on these hacked accounts in recent times. We also came to know that last month, the Dropbox data dump was being sold by a vendor on the Dark Web for nearly $1200. Probably this is the reason why the data is now available publicly, because every hacked database when goes out for sale, it ends up being dumped online for

The usernames and passwords referenced in these articles were stolen from unrelated services, not Dropbox. Attackers then used these stolen credentials to try to log in to sites across the internet, including Dropbox. Dropbox: Yes, we were hacked – Gigaom Aug 01, 2012 Protecting your data from Ransomware | Dropbox Blog This is a challenge Dropbox Business is well-positioned to solve. The advantage of a file sync service like Dropbox over traditional timed backups is that a new snapshot is made anytime you create or update a file. These snapshots are available to Dropbox customers for up to 180 days. Russian hacker found guilty for Dropbox, LinkedIn, and Jul 11, 2020

Dropbox hacked, user details pilfered for spam attacks - CNET

Jul 06, 2013

Aug 31, 2016

Guilty: Russian miscreant who hacked LinkedIn, Dropbox