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A monitoring apparatus provides vehicle telematics data. The monitoring apparatus includes a sensor for sensing vehicle and engine motion induced vibration in part of a vehicle and for generating vibration associated data. The sensor is coupled to part of the vehicle. Engine motion induced vibration associated data is processed to extract a characteristic of the vehicle or the engine.

Cloud Monitoring collects metrics, events, and metadata from Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS), hosted uptime probes, and application instrumentation. Using the BindPlane service , you can also collect this data from over 150 common application components, on-premise systems, and hybrid cloud systems. Google developed its own monitoring system in-house, but there are plenty of open source and commercial monitoring systems available. Sources of Monitoring Data. Your choice of monitoring system(s) will be informed by the specific sources of monitoring data you’ll use. This section discusses two common sources of monitoring data: logs and Google Cloud Platform makes it easy to migrate to and deploy new workloads in the cloud. However, monitoring Google cloud issues and performance, and maintaining availability of these apps and products, can be challenging due to the multitude of external dependencies.

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