If you’re looking for the best NES Emulator for Android, then search no more for we’ve ’em here. John Nes Lite is arguably the best NES emulator for Android. It was created to allow users play most of their favourite NES games on Android. Similar to other emulators, John Nes features save states and ability to apply cheats.

The very best Super Nintendo emulators for Android . With the arrival of SNES Classic Mini, "the brain of the beast" has set tongues wagging again. The game catalogue for Nintendo's 16-bit console is timeless, which is why the remake of the console in miniature is a proper event. 5 Best SNES Emulator for Android Snes9x EX+ (NES Emulator) The Snes9x EX+ is one of the most popular and widely used SNES Emulator for Android OS. This is an advanced open source application that will let you play NES games without any trouble. The emulator compatible with almost all SNES games. Some famous types of NES Android Emulators are EmoBox, John NESS, Nostalgia NES, Retro 8, RetroArch, etc. How to Play NES Emulator Android. To play games on android with the help of NES Emulator first you will need NES Emulator and there are a different number of software emulators are available on the Google Play Store so for android users you will need to download the Nostalgia NES Emulator. Mar 27, 2017 · The arrival of Super Mario Run to Android marked the midpoint in Nintendo’s master plan to conquer the mobile market. Besides the ones developed by the company and another studio in a collaboration agreement, there are also licensed third-party games for smartphones and tablets that are exclusive to Nintendo, like Pokémon and Yo-Kai Watch.

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