Deleting all your search history will make YouTube recommend some of the worst videos you don’t like. If you don’t want history to be recorded, always use Incognito mode so that you don’t remain with any search history. This mode is only on Android app so you may not find it on Windows or iOS app.

Last but not the least, to clean your YouTube Search History with the professional third party tool Tenorshare iCareFone is also a good idea. With few clicks, it Permanently wipes sensitive data to secure your privacy and remove annoying in-app ads, and it would largely boost iDevice performance. Dec 18, 2018 · Then all YouTube search history will be cleared from your account and Safari. Step 4.To clear YouTube history thoroughly, the watch history should be deleted as well. Go to the "Watch history" tab on search history window, click on the "Clear all watch history" button and hit it again on the confirming dialog. Nov 17, 2019 · To remove the search history, simply long-press on it then select remove. Repeat for any other search queries that you want to delete. Note that if you have several queries containing the same keywords, you need to delete all of them to stop receiving suggestions for related videos. To delete your YouTube search history, Select “Search History” under History Type after that, click “Clear All Search History”. In the mobile app, Go to the Library and then to History. Hit the menu at the top of the app and afterwards tap “History Settings”. Oct 04, 2015 · This video show How to Clear or Delete search history in Youtube Mobile Samsung Galaxy S5 with Android 5.0 Lollipop Operating System. Model number SM-G900H (

How To Delete Your YouTube History From Any Device

YouTube has an algorithm to decide what you see based on your watch and search history. YouTube has been around since 2005, so there's a good chance your interests have changed, and many recommended videos aren't your taste anymore. One way to try and improve your recommendations would be to delete your watch and search history. How to Automatically Delete Your YouTube History Now you have set YouTube to delete YouTube history automatically. Automatically Delete History from YouTube Android App. Steps to delete YouTube history automatically using the Android app is similar to the YouTube iOS app. Here are the steps. Tap on your profile icon located at the top right section of the app and then tap on Settings. View and delete browser history in Microsoft Edge

You can do easily clear or delete YouTube Search history on iPhone, iPad app. YouTube iPhone, iPad App comes with amazing features like Music, Sports, Gaming, news, Live, Spotlight, 360 angle Videos but its privacy is extra better than features, which you are already going to get in this post.

Clear YouTube History On iPhone and iPad. In case you want to, you can easily clear YouTube Watch History and YouTube Search History on your iPhone or iPad by following the steps below. 1. Tap on the YouTube app to launch YouTube on your iPhone or iPad. 2. While on YouTube, tap on the 3-dot menu icon located at the top right hand side of your Select history from the Library. Click on the search history tab and all your searches activity will be displayed. YouTube interface showing history management panel. One can easily find and open your previous searches here. They are sorted by date. As you can see for example 3 days ago. To remove your selected search logs, click the X in front Click "History" from the drop-down list and then enter "YouTube" (without quotation marks) in the Search History box. Click the "Search History" button and then take note of the date next to the YouTube video with the information that you are interested in. Step 4: Tap ‘Clear watch history’ and confirm it. This will remove all the videos you’ve watched from your YouTube history. Just below the ‘Clear watch history’ option, tap ‘Clear search history’ and confirm it. This will clear all the searches you’ve made from your YouTube history. 2 days ago · This could help in picking out outdated suggestions that show up as you search for places and directions. Are you on a computer? In that case, you can delete all of your Google search activity from a Google account which includes your Chrome browsing history, YouTube searches, Maps history and more, all in one place.